Nintendo's 'Jump Rope Challenge' is a free workout game for your Switch

And maybe a placeholder if you're still trying to get 'Ring Fit Adventure.'

Jump Rope Challenge (Nintendo)

With pandemic-related lockdowns and the release of Animal Crossing, simply getting a Switch has been hard enough. Even if you obtain one, if you’d also like to play Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure for a quick at-home workout then good luck — it’s been just as tough to obtain, selling out in seconds whenever it appears online. So if you, like me, are on the outside looking in but you already have a Switch and a pair of Joy-Cons (sorry Switch Lite owners), then at least you can try the company’s newest game: Jump Rope Challenge.

It’s not nearly as full featured as Ring Fit Adventure, but it does encourage activity using the accessories you already have. It simply emulates the jump rope experience using Joy-Cons while counting your jumps on the screen, and even has support for up to two players. According to the company, this game “was created by a small group of Nintendo developers while working from home in Japan.”

The game also has some consideration for players with mobility concerns, or just downstairs neighbors who wouldn’t appreciate all of that jumping. Apparently you can also play by bending your knees, or even just moving your arms to play silently.

The best part is that its free, although Nintendo says that will only last for a limited time that runs through the end of September. You can grab it on the eShop and try it out right now in between attempts to check out Ring Fit Adventure before the bots get every copy.