Ken Block's first electric Gymkhana features a one-of-a-kind Audi EV

The S1 Hoonitron is kind to the planet... but not tires.

Audi AG

As promised, Ken Block has released his first Gymkhana video with an electric car — and this time, the vehicle is almost as important as the hooning. The "Electrikhana" sees Block drift around Las Vegas landmarks in a one-of-a-kind Audi S1 Hoonitron. It borrows design cues from the well-known Sport Quattro S1 while using a dual-motor system (with an 800V architecture), a carbon fiber shell and FIA-grade safety measures. Think of it as a souped-up cousin to the E-tron GT. Audi is shy on the exact performance figures, but it's safe to say they're enough for donuts around hotel lobbies and boxing rings.

And the video itself? It brings Ken Block's signature antics to Sin City, including drifts in tight spaces and plenty of tire smoke. The lower center of gravity inherent to EVs certainly hasn't affected the handling, as Block has no problems maneuvering in some tricky situations. However, what's most notable is what you don't hear — the switch to an EV means the noises are largely limited to tire squeal and the S1 Hoonitron's strange motor whine.

The video is a not-very-subtle plug for Audi's lineup and racing heritage, and you certainly won't be recreating these feats away from a track. However, it represents a milestone for the cultural acceptance of EVs. Where electric cars used to be associated mainly with eco-conscious drivers, they're quickly becoming the machines of choice for performance-minded enthusiasts thanks to their instant torque and supercar-beating low-end acceleration. Block's Electrikhana helps show that EVs are viable for twists and turns, too.

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