Kroger and Instacart promise grocery deliveries in as little as 30 minutes

Kroger Delivery Now is billed as a zero-compromise virtual grocery store.


Kroger is betting big on internet grocery delivery services, and it's tapping Instacart for help. The two have launched a Kroger Delivery Now service they claim offers a no-compromise approach. You can have a full selection of groceries and other essentials delivered from Kroger's various chains (including Ralphs and Fred Meyer) in as little as 30 minutes — the first time that kind of speed has been available nationwide, Instacart claimed.

The service is available both through the Kroger website as well as a new Convenience Hub on Instacart's Marketplace. The section "streamlines" shopping for convenience items in most major US cities with 24/7 shopping. Instacart Express members can get free high-priority delivery through the hub (sometimes as quickly as 30 minutes) for orders worth at least $10.

The team-up might not thrill you if you prefer other store-independent delivery services like Uber. It also won't help much if you don't shop at Kroger-affiliated locations — Walmart's Instacart-based delivery isn't that fast, at least not on a national level. The move makes sense for both companies, however. This gives Kroger an advantage over Walmart and other chains, while Instacart forms a close bond with a major chain that others might not match.

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