LastPass knocks 20 percent off paid plans for World Password Day

The discount is available for new and free users through May 9th.

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LastPass password manager app

We may a few days out from World Password Day on May 5th, but LastPass is already celebrating by discounting its paid tiers for new and free users. Through May 9th, you can subscribe to LastPass Premium, Families or Business for 20 percent less than usual. That will bring a Premium membership down to around $29 annually instead of the usual $36, while Families would cost about $38 annually and Business down to $58 per user each year.

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If you aren't using a password manager yet, one could make your life much easier by taking the work out of remembering all of the credentials for your various accounts. One you create a LastPass account, the password you use for it will be the only one you truly have to remember going forward. Then, you can save all of your other username and password combinations to LastPass, which will then fill them in across the web as you shop online, check out Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites and more. We also appreciate the service's password generator feature, which will make strong credentials for you so you don't have to come up with a nonsensical phrase that meets all of a site's requirements on your own. There's even a version of the password generator feature that anyone can use.

LastPass is also compatible with most systems including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and others, so it'll work across all of your devices. There are also LastPass extensions you can download for Chrome, Safari and other browsers, which will let you easily access your passwords and vault from the bookmarks bar. Speaking of the vault, that's a LastPass feature that basically lets you securely save important, non-password information like addresses, files, banking and credit card numbers and more. While LastPass' free version gives you most of the basic features, updating to a paid tier adds things like secure sharing, 1GB of file storage, emergency access and dark web monitoring into the mix. 

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