LastPass will warn you if your passwords show up on the dark web

A new Security Dashboard also makes it easier to change problematic passwords.

Igor Bonifacic / Engadget

Most of us have more online accounts than we can keep track of, and that’s one reason we recommend everyone use a password manager. Not only do they make it a lot easier to create unique logins for all your online accounts, but they can also tell you when you’ve reused a password. That’s something LastPass is making it easier to do with its updated Security Dashboard. The feature provides an overview of all your accounts, highlighting any passwords that could pose a security risk.

LastPass Security Dashboard

If you already use LastPass and the Security Dashboard sounds familiar, it's because it builds on the Security Challenge functionality LastPass developer LogMeIn added in 2010. As before, grading is a major aspect of the interface. When you first navigate to the Security Dashboard, you'll see a score of all your logins, followed by a breakdown of passwords that are either old, inactive, weak or reused. You can click or tap on a problematic password to change it, and LastPass will automatically take you to the webpage where you can update your login information.

LogMeIn hasn't changed how the app calculates the overall score it gives to each user. But one significant improvement the Security Dashboard brings over the Security Challenge is that you don't need to manually run it each time you want to see the security of your online accounts. The score and steps you can take to improve your online security are there each time you visit that part of the software's interface.

LastPass password security

With today's update, LogMeIn is also introducing dark web monitoring. When you enable the feature, LastPass will proactively check your online accounts against Enzoic's compromised credentials database. If it detects an issue, it will notify you through both email and the app. Dark web monitoring is available to LastPass Premium, Family and Business subscribers. The dashboard, by contrast, is available to all LastPass users.

Most password managers and some web browsers offer similar functionality. 1Password, for instance, has allowed users to conduct a security checkup with its Watchtower feature since 2018. 1Password will also check your credentials against the Have I Been Pwned? database. But when it comes to online security, the more platforms offer these types of features, the better.