LastPass will launch new features faster after becoming independent

LogMeIn wants to help LastPass grow.

Leon Neal/Getty Images

LastPass has been sitting under LogMeIn's wing for six years, but it won't be for much longer. LogMeIn has revealed plans to once again make LastPass a standalone company. The move is meant to "accelerate" growth in password management and secure sign-ins by providing more dedicated resources to LastPass. That includes a faster rollout of 2022 features, LogMeIn said.

The full extent of those features wasn't clear, but LastPass hinted at "faster, seamless" password filling, an improved mobile app and more third-party tie-ins for corporate customers. You should also see more support channels and a website redesign.

LogMeIn saw itself taking advantage of good timing. Its entire brand has thrived during the pandemic, with LastPass in particular seeing "tremendous" growth from its mostly business-focused audience. Ideally, this helps LastPass preserve that momentum and compete against rivals like Dashlane, AgileBits' 1Password and Zoho. Whatever happens, it's safe to say LastPass is headed in a new direction that could affect how you use it.