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Alleged Android 12 screenshots show a privacy indicator and conversation widget

XDA Developers has released what could be our first look at the mobile OS.

XDA Developers

Google is expected to release Android 12 sometime this year, which means Developer Previews and betas will most likely be available for download soon. You may not have to wait that long to see what the upcoming mobile has in store for you, though: XDA Developers has posted what could be our first look at Android 12. The publication has come across an “alleged early draft” of a Google document summarizing changes for the OS, though, and it comes with a few screenshots, including one that shows an opaque notification panel with entries that have pronounced rounded corners.

You’ll also notice in the rightmost screenshot above that the UI only shows four Quick Settings tiles instead of the usual six. There’s a new privacy indicator at the top left of the interface showing whether the phone’s camera and mic are in use, as well. When you tap on the indicator, it shows you what apps are using the camera and mic, and a change in Privacy settings will allow you to toggle them off completely.

While XDA Developers can’t verify the authenticity of the screenshots themselves, it says the source document itself is authentic. Based on that document, Google will make the privacy indicator a mandatory feature for all Android 12 devices. The tech giant will also reportedly debut “conversation widgets” (see second screenshot from the left) with the OS and will make it a mandatory feature, as well.