Lenovo's Google Assistant Smart Clock is half price at Best Buy

It's $10 cheaper than Lenovo's new "budget" model.


When Lenovo’s Smart Clock first arrived, we were charmed by the tiny minimalist design, clock-centric features and Google Assistant-powered smart home features. The original $80 price was also a plus, but Best Buy just made it a lot more interesting — it’s selling the Smart Clock at $40, or half off.

Buy the Lenovo Smart Clock at Best Buy - $40

Aside from the cute design and cloth covered body, we appreciated Lenovo’s Smart Clock features like the ambient light sensor and sunrise alarm, which gradually brightens the screen thirty minutes before the alarm sounds. Swiping from the top reveals a “play music” button and a toggle for any smart lights, and you can set a “good night” smart home routine that can automatically adjust the temperature and turn off the TV, for instance. All of these actions also work via Google Assistant voice commands.

Considering that the Smart Clock is designed to be used in a bedroom, the lack of a camera is actually a benefit in terms of privacy. For further privacy, you can also toggle the microphone on and off. The main drawbacks are that it can’t play back videos or photos or make video calls. Still, everything considered, it garnered an excellent 87 score in our review.

Since the Smart Clock first came out, Lenovo introduced a much more basic version called the Smart Clock Essential. However, that version retails for $50, so right now you can get the more advanced version at Best Buy for $10 less.

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