Lenovo’s 7-inch Google-powered smart display is only $75 at Best Buy

That makes it $15 less than Google's own Nest Hub.

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There are a number of Google smart displays available now, made by the company itself and third-party manufacturers. They all house the Google Assistant but each has their own flare, and now you can get one of Lenovo’s Google smart displays for less. Best Buy’s has the Lenovo Smart Display 7 for $75 right now, which is $25 off its normal price and $5 less than the last time we saw it on sale.

Buy Lenovo Smart Display 7 at Best Buy - $75

While Google’s Nest Hub is the same size, Lenovo’s smart display adds more powerful speakers as well as a camera shutter and mic-mute button. The former makes it a better music machine, while the latter two will make it a more viable option for privacy-conscious people.

Otherwise, the Smart Display 7 can do anything a Nest smart display could do including play music, stream video from YouTube, make video calls and more. You can also connect it to other smart devices, including Nest security cameras so you can check the feeds from the device’s display. Its minimalist design will suit pretty much any environment, and it hits a sweet spot with its 7-inch IPS touchscreen. It’s just big enough that the display is useful and somewhat enjoyable to watch videos on and it doesn’t require as much space as, say, the 10-inch Nest Hub Max would on a countertop.

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