Lenovo's 14.5-inch Tab Extreme is a giant laptop-replacing tablet

It's one of the few alternatives to the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.


It took a year, but Lenovo now has an answer to Samsung's gigantic Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. The company has unveiled a 14.5-inch Tab Extreme that's pitched as much as a laptop replacement as it is an extra-large Android media tablet. The 3,000 x 1,876, 120Hz OLED display theoretically makes it a treat for both movie viewing and productivity, and there's even a Magic Keyboard-style add-on (included as standard in some markets) to convert it into a productivity machine. A bundled stylus tucks into the stand.

The Tab Extreme isn't a powerhouse, but you shouldn't be hurting for performance. Lenovo equips the tablet with MediaTek's eight-core Dimensity 9000 chip, 12GB of RAM, 256GB of expandable storage and a pair of USB-C ports (one 3.2, the other 2.0) that support DisplayPort monitor connections and reverse charging. The eight Dolby Atmos-capable JBL speakers and four microphones promise solid audio quality, too. You'll find a 12,300mAh battery good for an estimated 12 hours of video playback, and the cameras are decent between the 13-megapixel front and rear main cameras as well as a secondary 5MP fixed-focus cam on the back.

Lenovo Tab Extreme

Software plays an important role as well. A Freestyle app lets you mirror or extend your Windows PC's desktop much like Apple's Sidecar. And you might not have to worry as much about OS updates. Lenovo ships the Tab Extreme with Android 13, and is promising both three major version upgrades as well as four years of security patches. While that's not as strong as the update policies from Apple or Samsung, it should keep your tablet reasonably current.

The main obstacle may simply be the competition. Lenovo expects the Tab Extreme to arrive at an unspecified point later in 2023 starting at $1,200. While it's potentially a better value than a similarly-configured Tab S8 Ultra, where the keyboard is strictly optional, that rival device is nearly a year old. The Lenovo model might reach stores after Samsung and other competitors have introduced more powerful alternatives.

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