LG begins selling its latest Gram laptops in the US

The 17-inch Gram flagship for 2021 is now available for $1,799.


LG has revealed the prices and US availability of the refreshed Gram laptops it introduced at CES in January. The 14-inch, 16-inch and the flagship 17-inch Gram laptops are now available nationwide, while the 14-inch and 16-inch 2-in-1 devices will come out by mid-March. LG’s new Gram models are Intel Evo platform certified, which means they guarantee a minimum amount of battery life, fast charging and quick wakeups from sleep.

All the models have 16:10 aspect ratio, offering more real estate than 16:9 displays. They’re powered by Intel’s 11th generation core CPUs with Iris graphics, have up to 16GB of RAM and come with fingerprint readers, as well as keyboards larger than their predecessors’. The Gram 17 laptop with its 17-inch screen can last for up to 19.5 hours and is now available for $1,799. Meanwhile, the Gram 16 can last for up to 22 hours, with prices starting at $1,299 for the i5-powered variant. The i7-powered versions will set you back at least $1,699.

If you’d rather get a smaller laptop, the Gram 14 is now also available for at least $999. That’s the i3-powered variant — the i5 version’s prices start at $1,199, while the i7 ones will set you back $1,399 (with 8GB of RAM) or $1,499 (with 16GB of RAM). All 14-inch models can run for up to 25.5 hours. The 14-inch 2-in-1 model, on the other hand, costs at least $1,699 and has up to 24.5 hours of battery life. Finally, the 16-inch 2-in-1 comes in i5-powered and i7-powered configurations for $1,499 and $1,999, respectively. Both the laptop-tablet devices have 360-degree hinges and come with a stylus pen compatible with Wacom AES 2.0 technology.