LG's rollable OLED TV goes on sale for $87,000

After showing prototypes for years, LG finally has a roll-up 4K OLED TV on sale in South Korea.


After years of teasing, LG is finally selling a rollable OLED TV. The RX-branded Signature OLED R launched in South Korea today, offering a 65-inch 4K display that tucks away into its base at the press of a button. Besides being able to hide completely, as LG has promised in CES previews, the TV has different settings (Full View, Line View and Zero View) for different situations.

In 2019 LG showed off the “line” setting that peeks a small amount of the display out of its base for use as a clock, to show pictures or control music that’s playing. It can also lower the amount of visible space to avoid showing black bars while you’re watching a movie.

The LG pitch for this TV has always been that you can get premium picture quality without devoting room or wall space to a TV that is only used sometimes. For the 100 million KRW ($87,000 US) price, it comes in an aluminum base that buyers can have engraved with a personal message, and their choice of four colors for the speaker cover. There’s no word on a launch outside of Korea, but interested buyers should stay tuned.