Lofi Girl is back and she made a synthwave friend

Say hello to Lofi Boy.

Lofi Girl

After a day-long absence, Lofi Girl has returned. If you missed yesterday’s news, she went missing as part of an elaborate marketing campaign that saw the Lofi Girl team promise a “surprise” that would take the channel to “new heights.” In the end, that surprise turned out to be a new 24-hour livestream dedicated to synthwave music, a subgenre of electronic music that seeks to emulate the sound and feel of classic sci-fi and horror soundtracks from the '80s.

Naturally, the new channel has its own mascot, a character the community has taken to calling Lofi Boy. As far as we know, he doesn’t have a name, but like any good synth-loving fan, he has a mechanical keyboard, a retro beige PC with CRT monitor and what looks like a Sony Walkman for the rare moments when he gets to leave his room.

As with the original Lofi Girl YouTube channel, you can find playlists featuring tracks from the Synthwave Radio station on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

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