Logitech's new Brio 500 webcams are made to be moved around

The Brio 500 also includes light correction, auto-framing and a pair of noise-cancelling mics.


Logitech has unveiled the Brio 500 series webcams designed to fix things like "unflattering camera angles, poor lighting and field-of-view limitations," it said. The Brio 500 models come with multiple fields of view from 65 to 90 degrees, auto light correction via the RightLight 4 and a magnetic mounting system that makes it easy to get the best angle for your face.

Unlike the original Brio 4K model, the cylindrical Brio 500 supports 1080p at 30 fps or 720 at 60fps, though a new 4-megapixel sensor supposedly offers improved image quality. One nice feature is the new privacy shutter, operated via a dial on the right side of the webcam. Another is the "Show Mode" designed to let others see your desk for a presentation, etc., simply by tilting the camera towards it.

It includes a pair of beamforming, noise cancelling microphones and "Right Sight" auto-framing that keeps you centered in the view. The mount has a plastic clamp with a magnetic attachment on top that mates to another magnet at the bottom of the webcam, but some testers found the bond a bit weak.

The Brio 500 is now available in black, rose and off-white starting at $130. Logitech also unveiled the new Zone Vibe 100 (Bluetooth) and 125 headphones (Bluetooth and USB receiver) in the same colors, starting at $100 for the Zone Vibe 100 black model and $130 for the Zone Vibe 125 in black.

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