Logitech pulls support for Harmony Express remote a year after launch

Harmony Express remotes will stop working on September 30th.

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Logitech's Harmony Express remote
Engadget/Devindra Hardawar

Roughly one year after Logitech launched its Harmony Express universal remote, the company is discontinuing the device and ending support. Harmony Express was meant to be a sleek, Alexa-enabled alternative to universal remotes with touch screens and cluttered programmable buttons. But Logitech says its “expectations were not met,” so it’s scrapping the device.

Logitech will officially discontinue Harmony Express on September 30th, at which time units in the field will no longer work. Customers who purchased the $250 remote can get a replacement Harmony Elite (still one of the best universal remotes) free of charge. Harmony Express owners can also request a full refund, but they may need to show proof of purchase.

Logitech produces several of the best universal remotes, so the Harmony Express’ failure is a surprising blunder. Though, when we reviewed the device, we did notice some of its limitations. It can only launch apps, so it can’t play a specific movie or TV show. And because it’s not compatible with any of the Apple TV or Roku voice commands, you still need to keep your Apple or Roku remotes handy. It’s unclear exactly why Logitech is dropping Harmony Express, but those limitations may have been a factor.

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Logitech pulls support for Harmony Express remote a year after launch