Logitech retires the Blue microphone brand

It's rolling Yeti mics, along with Astro audio gear, into the Logitech G gaming brand.


Logitech is getting rid of the Blue microphone brand, and will now sell the products under the Logitech G gaming brand — only keeping the Blue name to "describe our technologies," it said. Blue has been removed from Logitech's "brands" section on its website, and the domain now directs to Logitech. All Blue products, including the Yeti, Snowball and others, are now found only on the Logitech G section of its website.

The company has also moved its Astro high-end gaming headsets, mixers and more over to Logitech G, but will keep that brand, The Verge reported. "The Astro brand will continue to live on as a premium console audio product series underneath the Logitech G brand. Stay tuned for more information regarding ASTRO including a launch that we think our community will be very excited about," the company said in a FAQ on Reddit.

Logitech already hinted that it might scuttle the Blue brand, having released the Blue Sona streaming mic under Logitech G late last year. It also changed its description of the Yeti mic a while back, describing it as the Yeti microphone with Blue VO!CE technology.

Logitech purchased Blue in 2018 for $117 million. However, Blue Microphones has a history beyond what you may expect, having originally created the "Bottle" microphone before ever developing any streaming products (Blue also stands for "Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics," according to Wikipedia). Its first microphone designed for streaming audio was the Snowball, still available on Logitech as the Snowball Ice for $50.

Given that the Blue brand is highly respected in podcasting, streaming and other areas, it seems an odd choice to kill it off in favor of its own brand, which has far less cachet. The company is promising a "deeper integration" with all its Logitech G products, promising that you'll be able to configure them "all in one place," presumably its G HUB app. If that's the plan, then Logitech may need to address criticism with that app, if the comments on its Reddit FAQ post are anything to go by.

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