Logitech reveals an accessory kit for Sony's PS5 Access controller

Preorders are open now for the accessibility-focused peripheral.


Sony will soon release its Access controller, which it designed to help people with disabilities play PS5 games with greater ease. The $90 peripheral comes with a variety of customization options in the box, and there are four 3.5mm ports that people can use to connect third-party accessories to the controller.

Logitech has teamed up with Sony to release an Adaptive Gaming Kit for the controller. It includes eight buttons and triggers you can plug into the peripheral. These include two small and two large buttons with mechanical switches, two light-touch buttons and two variable trigger controls. These are all configurable on the console to best meet a player's needs. The kit includes labels with PS5 symbols that you can attach to the buttons and triggers, along with mats and velcro ties to keep everything in place.

The Adaptive Gaming Kit, which will be available in January, costs $80. Logitech previously released a version for the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Since both console platforms' accessibility controllers use industry-standard 3.5mm connectors, the Xbox variant of Logitech's kit should be compatible with the Access controller. Still, perhaps you'd prefer stickers with PlayStation symbols to help keep track of what's what.

Meanwhile, Sony has offered a look at the accessible packaging for the upcoming peripheral. It designed the packaging so that you can open it with one hand by pulling loops from either side. The company said that the components are placed in a single layer to make it easy to identify them.

The Access Controller will be available on December 6. Pre-orders are open at the PlayStation Direct store.

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