Logitech's $1,200 Scribe whiteboard camera can hide presenters

It can also make markers easier to see.


As companies like Google prepare to welcome at least part of their workforce back to the office, Logitech is releasing a whiteboard camera to help workers collaborate with their off-site colleagues. Dubbed Scribe, the company's new gadget uses AI-enhanced software to render presenters transparent so that people watching the presentation can have an easier time seeing the whiteboard. It can also automatically detect post-it notes and tweak the color of markers.

Logitech Scribe family

At release, Scribe works with both Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms. A wireless button that comes with the camera allows you to start sharing whiteboard content directly to Zoom Rooms, with support for that feature coming to Microsoft's product later this year. Scribe can also double as a plain web camera with "virtually" any video conferencing app, though using it in that way would mostly be a waste.

The $1,200 price tag of Scribe puts it in the ballpark of other high-end whiteboard cameras like the Huddly Canvas. Each Scribe unit comes with a set of mounting components, allowing you to attach it to a wall, and all the cables you need to get it up and running. Scribe is available today in select markets.

Update 8:22PM ET: Clarified how integration with Microsoft Teams works.

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