L’Oréal reveals its first at-home hair color device

The company says Colorsonic mixes the product via a mess-free process.

L’Oréal Colorsonic at-home hair color device. (L’Oréal)

At CES, L’Oréal is showing off its first hair color device that can be used at home. The handheld Colorsonic can mix and apply product evenly, according to the company. If it works as promised, Colorsonic should help users get consistent hair color results without having to go to the salon.

L’Oréal developed and refined the device over the course of five years with the help of its customers. Colorsonic's mixer mechanism uses a mess-free process to blend exact volumes of developer and formula from colorant cartridges to create the hair color. The machine applies the product through a nozzle of bristles that oscillates in a zigzag pattern for even distribution.

L’Oréal Colorsonic at-home hair color device and colorant cartridge.

At-home dyeing and coloring kits have been around for decades. Still, the consistent results that L’Oréal is promising with Colorsonic could make the device worth checking out.

L'Oréal has become something of a mainstay at CES over the last several years. In 2019, it announced a sensor developed with wearable pioneer Professor John Rogers that measures skin hydration levels. The following year, it unveiled a smart dispenser that blends skincare product, taking into account factors like wrinkles, pore visibility, temperature and pollen levels. In 2021, L'Oréal's YSL brand revealed an at-home lipstick maker based on the Perso Smart Skincare system.

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