iFixit looks inside Apple's new 24-inch iMac

The M1 board doesn't take up much space at all.


It's been years since the folks at iFixit have had a new iMac to tear apart but now they've attacked Apple's just-released 24-inch model. When you compare it to 2014's 5K iMac design the thing that jumps out is how little space the computer parts take up. Apple's M1 chip, associated hardware, RAM and everything else is stuffed into a narrow logic board that fits entirely within the new desktop's chin.

An X-ray shot reveals that while it hides its antennas inside the Apple logo, they aren't shaped like an apple this time. It doesn't look like there's any hidden RAM or SSD expansion slots hiding in there, although we weren't expecting to be able to upgrade the hardware in these machines. iFixit's teardown is still ongoing, so take a look now and then check back to find out what exactly those metal shields are, or how TouchID works in a wireless keyboard accessory.