Meghan Markle's first Spotify podcast series will confront female stereotypes

'Archetypes' will be available in the summer.

REUTERS/Toby Melville/Pool

Meghan Markle hasn't wasted much time setting expectations for her first Spotify podcast. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Spotify has revealed that the Duchess of Sussex's initial series is Archetypes, an exploration of the "labels that try to hold women back." The teaser indicates Markle will hold "uncensored" discussions with historians and other experts as they explore the origins of stereotypes and define female lives.

Spotify had already announced that Archewell Audio, the production company founded by Markle and Prince Harry, would release their first full podcast series in the summer. Until now, the duo had only released a one-episode holiday special.

The announcement helps wind down a tense chapter for Spotify. The streaming service landed a deal with Harry and Meghan in December 2020, but the two quickly grew concerned about Spotify's apparent tolerance of COVID-19 misinformation. The couple said they'd raised issues starting in April 2021, and those worries only became more prominent when Neil Young and other creators started pulling or pausing content in protest to Spotify's apparent comfort with Joe Rogan allowing false medical claims on his show. Harry and Meghan had a change of heart after they met with Spotify to discuss and shape its anti-misinformation strategy.

This doesn't end the complaints about Spotify's approach to bogus claims. Even one of its own podcasts, Science VS, fought the service by fact-checking misinformation from other productions. However, it does give Spotify a chance to focus more on promoting exclusives and less on damage control.

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