Mercedes' EQS 680 SUV Maybach is all about back-seat luxury

Offset your fracking with an EV!

Mercedes-Benz AG

Mercedes has a history of building wonderful luxury vehicles, so much so that the S-Class may as well be the official car of CEOs being driven around town. Yet, Mercedes aims higher with the Maybach lineup, taking the S-Class and kicking it up a notch. (If you watch the HBO drama Succession, you’ve likely seen a Maybach ferrying the patriarch Logan Roy as he destroys the will of his children.)

Today, Mercedes is giving its EQS SUV the Maybach treatment. The EQS 680 SUV Maybach takes the electric Mercedes and fills it with all the opulence found in other Maybachs to create a luxury car that is a bit kinder to the environment. We got a chance to see the vehicle ahead of today’s unveiling. It has everything you’d expect from a Maybach, from the two-tone paint job through to a fridge for bubbly and specially-built cup holders for champagne flutes.

Mercedes isn't letting anyone drive the EQS SUV Maybach yet, and it also doesn’t have an EPA range estimate or battery capacity to share. But if you’re riding in the back of this SUV, that’s really none of your concern. Check out our video to see just how lavish an electric Maybach can be.