Microsoft’s new AI graphic design app is built on DALL-E

The company plans to integrate the image generator into Edge and Bing too.


New hardware isn’t the only thing Microsoft had to share at its Surface event. On Wednesday, Chief Product Officer Panos Panay announced Microsoft Designer, a new graphic design offering within the company’s 365 productivity suite. The app features DALL-E 2 integration, allowing you to use the well-known image generator to add supporting art to your social media posts, invitations and documents. In the future, Microsoft plans to bring DALL-E support to Bing and Edge “so you can use your words not just to search but to create.”

The announcement comes just two weeks after OpenAI removed the waiting list that had existed for DALL-E, making the tool more accessible. However, the public debut came with some unanswered questions, ones today’s announcement of Designer doesn’t answer. For instance, it’s unclear if AI-generated images are fair use or stolen. Services like Getty Images have banned the technology in response to copyright concerns. For its part, Microsoft has sometimes tried new AI technologies before backtracking on them as was the case with its Tay chat bot.