Microsoft Edge efficiency mode helps extend your laptop's battery life

It might also be easier to update your passwords after a breach.

Jon Fingas/Engadget

Microsoft's latest Edge update might make all the difference if you routinely struggle with laptop battery life. The company has introduced a desktop version of Edge with an efficiency mode that "significantly" lowers CPU and memory use, potentially extending your battery life at the expense of raw performance. The feature should kick in when your battery is lo, although there's also a settings toggle when you'd like to take control.

You should also have an easier time updating your passwords, whether in response to a breach or just for caution's sake. The passwords section in Edge's settings now lets you easily update passwords for sites with a "change" button. The convenience only works for some sites right now, but Microsoft promised compatibility with more sites in the "coming months."

Edge will also add a few shopping features that might help you make smarter choices. An upcoming price alert will let you know if a must-have item is more affordable, while price comparison and history tools are coming to Android users later in November. UK shoppers using Bing can also tap Good On You's rating system to buy fashion based on social responsibility and sustainability scores.

Battery-saving features aren't new. Google gave Chrome some longevity-focused improvements last year, for instance. Efficiency mode might give Microsoft a way to stand out, though, and it might be vital if you'd rather not switch browsers (or limit the sites you visit) just to keep using your system for a little while longer.