Microsoft starts testing a Kids Mode in its Edge browser

Parents can block or approve websites and Bing SafeSearch will be active.

Paperkites via Getty Images

Microsoft has started testing a Kids Mode in its Edge browser to help protect children while they're navigating the web. The company, which created the mode primarily for kids aged 5-12, is rolling it out to Edge Insiders testers on the Dev and Canary channels.

You can enable Kids Mode through the Edge profile picker and you won't need to set up a child account to switch it on, as Windows Central points out. Users will need to enter a password to exit the mode. You can set up an "allow list" of sites that your children can access, and edit it over time. If there's a website your kids want to visit and Microsoft's tech is blocking it, as long as you're happy to let them browse it, you can add an exception.

Kids Mode uses Bing SafeSearch with strict tracking prevention and it offers custom browser themes. Microsoft plans to keep improving Kids Mode by adding more features.

Many other products and services offer kid-friendly modes. With children perhaps using their computers more often while attending school remotely, a Kids Mode in the browser will surely come as welcome news for parents who'd like more peace of mind.