Google is bringing a kids mode to some Android tablets

A new Lenovo device will be the first tablet that can access Kids Space.


Google has been trying to create safe environments for kids on its services, with features such as Family Link parental controls and a section of the Google Play store with teacher-approved apps. It’s building on the likes of those with Kids Space, a mode it’s bringing to some Android tablets.

Google says the idea behind Kids Space is to help them “become explorers of the things they love.” After they select their interests, the mode will showcase things for them to read, play and make. Youngsters can tailor the mode to their identities a bit more by creating a character/avatar.

Google Kids Space

It looks colorful and easy to navigate. Kids will find a growing library of books and apps in the Read and Play tabs. Google is working with publishers to open up access to books, and children in the US will be able to read more than 400 books for free in Kids Space.

The Watch and Make tabs include videos from YouTube Kids that Google says are “engaging and encourage off-screen activities.” If all of that’s not quite enough, parents can download more things for their kids to check out from Google Play.

The first tablet that'll include the mode is the new Lenovo Tab M10 HD Gen 2. It has a 10.1-inch HD wide-viewing-angle screen and dual Dolby Atmos speakers. The tablet starts at $129.99 and it should be available sometime next month.

Kids Space will be available on other Android tablets soon. Other companies have tried tablet experiences tailored to kids, with Amazon among the most notable examples.