'Microsoft Flight Simulator' is getting a Japan-centric update next week

Tokyo Tower will now look like Tokyo Tower.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Japan World Update

At its Tokyo Games Show event, Microsoft today announced a major free update to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Appropriately, the update adds a lot to the experience of flying in Japan. Six cities, including Tokyo, are getting improved with 3D photogrammetery, more handcrafted Japanese airports are on their way and 20 landmarks throughout the country are also being added in high resolution.

Sendai, Takamatsu, Tokushima, Tokyo, Utsunomiya and Yokohama will be the first Japanese cities to get full 3D photogrammetery treatment. While virtually every airport in Japan was already in the game, very few were of the handcrafted type. Nagasaki is perhaps the largest airport among the new additions, joined by Hachijojima, Kerama, Kushiro, Shimojishima and Suwanosejima. Landmarks include Mount Fuji, Himeji Castle, Hōryū-ji and Hashima Island. Expect more information on the update to come before its release on September 29th.

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'Microsoft Flight Simulator' is getting a Japan-centric update next week