If hindsight is 20/20, how would you rate the original Surface today?

Share your favorite flaws and features of Microsoft's first Surface tablet.

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It was eight years ago that Steve Ballmer stepped onto a stage in Los Angeles to announce Microsoft’s latest offering: the Surface tablet with Windows RT (aka the Surface RT). The first PC to be designed in-house by Microsoft, the Surface stood out for its kickstand, ARM architecture and USB port (which the iPad lacked). When we reviewed it way back in 2012, we also liked the build quality, bright display and Touch Cover keyboard. The drawbacks? Mainly the limited app selection, an issue that has plagued non-Apple tablets for years.

There are currently over 100 user reviews for the Surface RT, with an average score of 88. So we know this device earned its share of fans who appreciated its performance and battery life. If you loved your original Surface, head over to its product page and leave us a nostalgic review detailing all the pros and cons of this slate. What did you like most about your Surface? How did it feel to type on the Touch Cover? How productive could you be using Windows RT? Give us all the details and your review could be included in an upcoming user review roundup!

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