Surface Slim Pen 2 offers paper-like haptic feedback

You'll also get more precise input.


It wouldn't be a major Surface launch without a new pen, and Microsoft is happy to deliver. The company has introduced a Surface Slim Pen 2 that uses a haptic motor to provide "tactical signals" as you draw and write. It’ll theoretically feel like you're putting pen to paper rather than glass. Whether that's true or just marketing hyperbole, you should expect higher precision, reduced latency and a sharper tip.

The pen is still designed to charge in the Signature Keyboard for the Surface Pro (including the Pro 8 and X), but it will also magnetically attach to and charge from the Surface Laptop Studio. You can buy a separate $35 charger, too.

The Slim Pen 2 itself is available for pre-order for $130 ahead of an October 5th launch. That’s not a trivial expense, but might be justifiable if you want to use your Surface as a digital notebook or canvas.

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