Microsoft's latest Surface Pro Keyboard has bold keys to boost readability

The company will sell its Adaptive Accessories to commercial buyers for the first time.


There's some positive news on the accessibility front coming out of today's Microsoft event. Alongside the business-oriented Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10, the company has revealed the first Surface Pro Keyboard with bold keys. Compared with its other keyboards, Microsoft says this one has a brighter backlight that, combined with the bold font, should make the keyboard easier to read and reduce eye strain. Of note, the keyboard will only be available in US English and exclusively in the US and Canada.

As with other new Windows keyboards, this one has a dedicated Copilot key. The AI chatbot will allow you to enable accessibility features without having to traipse through menus for the option you're seeking. You might ask Copilot to "switch on live captions" or "enable the magnifier," and it will carry out that action for you.

In addition, Microsoft is making its Adaptive Accessories available to commercial customers for the first time. The company released the modular mouse, hub and other accessories for consumers back in 2022. The aim of the Adaptive Accessories is to help those who have difficulty using a standard keyboard and mouse to create a setup that works for them, so they can be more productive and more easily get the most out of their favorite apps.