‘Minecraft Earth’ adds seasonal challenges for its AR builders

Microsoft also added new mob variants, player journals and more.

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Minecraft Earth seasonal challenges

Minecraft Earth, Microsoft’s blocky answer to Pokémon Go, continues to evolve despite still being in Early Access mode. The latest update adds three important new features to challenge players and make it easier to keep track of past feats.

The biggest new feature, challenges and seasons, will give players a lot more to do. Each new season brings a host of new challenges and if that’s not enough, players can access daily challenges or use tappables to unlock new ones. Character creator items and other rewards can be gained by completing challenges, which help players work through a season.

If you like tracking your accomplishments, the latest update now includes a player journal and collections. The player journal tracks everything you’ve collected, including blocks, items and mobs, letting completionists fill out their collections and tick them off the list.

Finally, the update includes ten new mob variants for chickens, cows, pigs, sheep and rabbits. That enhances the aforementioned collections and, again, gives players more to do and look for. Microsoft has also included more in-depth profile stats, remembers more settings between sessions and brings new adventures. The changelog is here, and the new updates should be available for play now.

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