Moen's latest faucet can be controlled entirely with gestures

The company is connecting many of its devices to help protect homes against water damage.


Moen has pulled back the curtain on its latest faucet, and it's one that you can control without touching at all. The Smart Faucet with Motion Control allows users to adjust both the temperature and flow using gestures. There are a variety of styles to fit in with homeowners' design preferences and so confident is Moen about the tech that there are even versions without a handle.

Selecting hot, cold or warm water is as simple as swiping one's hand across a sensor. Default temperatures and a preferred gesture scheme can be set on the Moen Smart Water App. The faucet is available in a variety of styles to fit in with homeowners' design preferences.

The Smart Faucet with Motion Control incorporates all of the features from Moen's previous faucet, including Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. There are options to dispense precise quantities of water with exact temperatures (which could be great for bakers). There's also a "wash hands" command, which pauses the water flow for 20 seconds while you scrub your fingers and palms. In addition, you can monitor water consumption through the app.

Moen Smart Water Network products, including Smart Faucet, Smart Leak Detector, Smart Sump Pump Monitor, Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, and Smart Shower.

This year, the app will offer integration with Moen's other products as part of the Smart Water Network, which comprises the faucet, a leak detector, Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, sump pump monitor and smart shower. According to Moen, the system will help provide protection against issues like extreme cold temperatures. The system will be able to automatically take action when it detects risks, such as notifying the homeowner and shutting off water.

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