‘Monument Valley 2’ gets a new chapter four years after its debut

Ustwo Games added ‘The Lost Forest’ to promote forest conservation.

Ustwo Games

Four years after Monument Valley 2 hit iOS and Android, Ustwo Games has added a new chapter. The developer released “The Lost Forest” as its contribution to Playing for the Planet’s Green Game Jam, which promotes tree conservation.

The chapter includes “four intimate scenes” and Ustwo hopes that by playing through them, people will be inspired to sign a Play4Forests petition to show their interest in protecting forests. Play4Forests is an initiative run by the United Nations’ climate and forest partnership and the Playing for the Planet Alliance. The goal is to work with major names in gaming to highlight the “importance of conserving and restoring forests.”

“Our forests, one of our best allies in fighting the climate emergency, are facing mounting threats,” the Play4Forests website reads. “Your voice can help secure a better future for forests and humans.”

It might initially seem unusual to bring extra content to a game like Monument Valley 2 four years later, but there’s an admirable reason in this particular case. Tiny Wings, a popular iOS title from a decade ago, was updated with more levels in 2016, so such a long gap between a mobile game’s release and more content isn’t exactly unheard of.

As for the future of the series, Ustwo announced in 2019 it was working on Monument Valley 3, but there's no word of a release date as yet.