Mooer crams a drum machine, effects and a looper into a six-string guitar

The GTRS S800 could make you a one-person band if it works as promised.

Mooer Audio

Mooer Audio has built much of its reputation on budget guitar effects pedals, but now it's trying something different: stuffing much of its digital know-how into one instrument. Guitar World reports that Mooer is readying the GTRS S800 Intelligent Guitar, a six-stringer that includes 126 effects, a drum machine and an 80-second looper. You might not need much else to create a full performance, at least in some circumstances.

The company isn't clear on just how you access all those features, although they appear to revolve around a "Super-Knob." You can also expand the guitar's features through both a GTRS mobile app and an optional GWF4 wireless footswitch. It will offer Bluetooth for wireless connections and should last up to 15 hours on standby thanks to the built-in 4,000mAh battery.

Mooer hasn't discussed pricing or ship dates, although it's planning to crowdfund the S800 through Indiegogo in the near future. This is bound to cost more than some guitars, although Mooer's historically aggressive pricing could make it easier to justify. The value might hinge on the quality of all those digital tools. You could save serious money if you don't have to buy a dedicated drum machine or looper, but we wouldn't be surprised if was easier in many cases to purchase separate equipment.