'Moss: Book II' continues the story of Quill on PSVR

Prepare for another cute adventure.


Sony hasn't forgotten about one of the PSVR's hidden gems. During its State of Play showcase on Thursday, the company shared the trailer for Moss: Book II. It's the sequel to Polyarc's excellent 2018 Moss, which featured a cute mouse named Quill as its heroine.

The trailer sets the stage for the story that will unfold. After successfully rescuing her uncle in the first game, Quill now finds herself the target of a winged tyrant. As in the original, you'll have a physical presence in the game thanks to a ghostly figure that can interact with Quill and her environment. With Book II, Polyarc promises they'll be new weapons and abilities for players to discover and that those tools will create new ways for players to explore the world the studio has crafted.

Moss: Book II does not currently have a release date, but Polyarc promised to share more information about the game in the coming months.