Nanit launches a Pro version of its smart baby monitor

It's also launching a fitted mattress sheet that helps the camera measure your baby's height.

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Nanit Pro

Nanit is launching its third-generation smart baby monitor, the Nanit Pro, as well as new bed linen which helps the camera track your baby’s height. The biggest change, compared to the earlier versions, is a new slimmer design and a better 1080p camera, up from the 960p on the previous model. More importantly, the company’s breathing band, which was previously sold separately (albeit often thrown in as a freebie) is now included as standard. If you’re unfamiliar, the band is a swaddling cloth covered in dots, which enables the camera to monitor your baby’s breathing. 

The new Smart Sheet, meanwhile, is a fitted sheet for a standard 27.5 x 52-inch mattress with a custom designed pattern in the corners. This design enables the camera to better measure your child’s growth over time. Lay them down in the bed, snap a picture, and use the system’s tracking and body-mapping overlay to measure their length. The 100 percent cotton sheets are sold for $35, and will work with all three versions of Nanit’s over-bed cameras. 

In terms of availability, the new Nanit Pro is available to pre-order today from Nanit’s website, and will hit retailers including Amazon, Best Buy and Target from February 21st. You can buy the wall-mount version with a breathing band included for $299, or one with all the trimmings for $379. That latter option includes the camera, wall-mount, multi-stand (for using the camera on the go and in the day), the breathing band and a smart sheet. 

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