NASA and Hideo Kojima team up for a Ludens-inspired watch

Guess we can soon find out how big the Venn diagram intersection is between fans of the two.

NASA/Kojima Productions/Anicorn

NASA and Hideo Kojima have teamed up for a project, and it's not the partnership itself that's unusual. Kojima Productions' mascot, after all, is a character called Ludens, who wears an extravehicular activity spacesuit and is meant to be an astronaut exploring digital space. No, it's the fact that they've collaborated on a watch. It's not even a smartwatch — it's an actual wristwatch called Space Ludens that's based on the gaming developer's mascot.

The watch was designed and will be sold by creative studio and watchmaker Anicorn, which previously worked with NASA on other watches and merch. As IGN notes, it's based on the visual style of Ludens' spacesuit, with its gray/silver coloring and gold screws and accents. The NASA logo adorns its watchface, along with the words "Extra-Vehicular Creative Activity Suit." Underneath, the Kojima Productions logo is stamped on the transparent case showing the watch's gears.

While a watch is most likely not the first thing that'll come to mind when you hear that Kojima teamed up with NASA, it does look pretty cool and could appeal to fans of either party. The Space Ludens watch will be released in limited quantities on September 27th. Only 600 pieces will be available for purchase, and 100 of which will ship with a skull mask based on the one that's prominently featured in the Kojima Productions logo. Anicorn has yet to reveal how much it will cost, but its previous NASA watches don't come cheap and will set you back over $1,000.