March Madness Live app will let you watch two NCAA games at once on more devices

In case you can't get enough college basketball.


As the name implies, the NCAA's March Madness (aka the Division I men's basketball tournament) is chock full of games that may be difficult to follow — thankfully, that might not be an issue if you have the right device. The sports association, Turner and CBS Sports are expanding a feature in the NCAA March Madness Live app that lets you watch two games at once (one without audio) on more platforms. It was already available on Android TV, Apple TV and Fire TV, but should now be an option on Google TV and Xbox One. This isn't completely novel and will only help so much on the busiest match days, but you should have 20 percent lower latency and 5.1-channel surround sound.

The desktop, mobile and tablet versions of March Madness Live are limited to picture-in-picture viewing while you browse the app. The software is also available without these viewing perks on Roku players and some LG TVs. Everyone has access to an upgraded "Fast Break" feature that overlays and breaks down vital stats during games.

The new March Madness Live experience should be available on March 17th, right after the "first four" games on the 15th and 16th. You can also watch the tournament through CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV platforms, including Paramount+ if you're a subscriber. While you'd ideally have more than two streams, this is likely to be the best viewing option you'll get on a big screen during the college competition.