Netflix’s Downloads For You grabs shows and movies it thinks you’ll like

The feature, which automatically downloads recommendations, is available worldwide on Android.


Netflix is rolling out a feature that automatically downloads shows and movies that its algorithm thinks you'll like to your mobile device. The opt-in Downloads for You feature lets you choose how much storage room to set aside for the downloads, up to 5GB per profile. When you connect to a WiFi network, Netflix will start downloading a few picks for you. You can manage the feature under the Smart Downloads settings.

Downloads for You builds on Smart Downloads, which Netflix deployed in 2018. That feature deletes episodes you've already watched and downloads the next one in the series.

The latest option picks titles from across Netflix's full library. But there are limitations on some shows and movies because of licensing restrictions. That's not a huge surprise though, as there are already some titles that you can't download for offline viewing.

The idea seems to be that you'll be able to discover new movies and shows without having to browse Netflix's enormous catalog, which can get overwhelming. It could also prove useful in markets with less robust connectivity, where streaming shows and movies might be trickier. You'll be able to cast something you've downloaded to a TV directly from your phone.

The feature is now available worldwide on Android. Netflix will start testing Downloads for You on iOS soon.