Netflix is making an 'Exploding Kittens' mobile game and TV series

Lucy Liu and Tom Ellis will star in the show adaptation of the oddball card game.

Netflix/Matthew Inman/Elan Lee

If Exploding Kittens is still a part of your party game repertoire several years later, Netflix has just the news you were hoping to hear. The streaming service is introducing an "exclusive" version of the Exploding Kittens mobile game as well as an animated TV series. The adult-oriented show will be executive-produced by card game creators Elan Lee and Matthew "The Oatmeal" Inman as well as veterans like Mike Judge, and will star well-known personalities including Lucy Liu (Kill Bill) and Tom Ellis (Lucifer).

The series revolves around a holy war that sees God and the Devil visit Earth in the form of beefy house cats. It won't stream on Netflix until 2023, but the upgraded game is due in May with two new cards and promises of future gameplay based on the show.

Netflix is keen to note this is will be the first time it launches both a game and a series from the same franchise (Stranger Things doesn't count, apparently). While the game certainly wasn't built from scratch, the company not-so-subtly hinted that it might repeat this simultaneous development strategy going forward — don't be surprised if more games and shows arrive in tandem.