Card game about exploding kittens overtakes Ouya's Kickstarter record

The internet loves cats, so it just seems fitting that a Kickstarter campaign called Exploding Kittens has dethroned Ouya as the highest-funded project in the site's games category. It was created by Xbox game designers Elan Lee and Shane Small, but it's not a video game, if that's what you were thinking. Instead, it's card game illustrated by their co-creator Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal, which the internet loves almost as much as it loves cats. We're talking about a project that's raised a whopping $8,782,571 here ($186,097 more than what Ouya made), putting it in third place among the campaigns that earned the most money. It also holds the record for the biggest number of backers at 219,382, or 100,000+ more than Reading Rainbow's backers.

But, how does Exploding Kittens work exactly? Well, you simply have to draw cards from a pile: the one who gets a kitten that goes boom is donezo. There are special cards that you can use to defuse the bomb, specifically those drawn with tools that can stop a cat's shenanigans, and ones that can give you special powers (in game, that is). But for the most part, it works pretty much how its creators describe it: a "kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette."