'Alto’s Odyssey' studio Snowman's next game is bound for Netflix

'Lucky Luna' is a platformer without a jump button.

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Lucky Luna

As part of its Geeked Week event, Netflix is spending the day announcing a bunch of titles that are coming to its games service. One of those is the latest effort from Snowman, the studio behind Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure. Lucky Luna will be available to Netflix subscribers on mobile devices this summer.

It's a vertical scrolling platformer in which you'll explore temples and dungeons while learning about the past of protagonist Luna. One key quirk is that there's no jump button. You'll fall from one platform to the next and use creatures and parts of the environment to help move around.

Snowman is making Lucky Luna without the core development team behind Alto's Adventure. Lead artist and developer Harry Nesbitt, programmer Joe Grainger and composer Todd Baker opened another studio in 2020 called Land & Sea. That team is making “folk” games centered around "artful, hand-crafted experiences."

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