Netflix is raising the price of standard and premium plans in the US

The standard plan Netflix now costs $14, while premium is $18.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

Netflix is raising the prices of its standard and premium plans. Its standard plan, previously $13 a month, is now $14, while the premium plan has been raised from $16 to $18 a month. The price of the basic service is unchanged at $9 a month.

For existing subscribers, the new pricing will kick in over the next two months, according to CNBC, and Netflix will alert users to the changes 30 days ahead of time.

The latest increases were not unexpected. The company raised prices in Canada earlier this month, and analysts have been predicting for several months now that new increases were on the way. Netflix also recently ditched its long-running free trial period in the US.

The streaming service’s last price hike was in 2019, when the company raised prices on all of its plans in the US. It’s not clear if the company also intends to raise prices in other markets.