Netflix unveils a 'Resident Evil' CG anime series arriving in 2021

Claire and Leon will fight mysterious foes that probably involve zombies.

Netflix / Capcom

Netflix has more Resident Evil programming in the works than its live-action show. The streaming giant has revealed Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a “CG anime” series due to premiere sometime in 2021. While the foes of the show (apart from zombies) are still mysterious, the production will revolve around iconic characters Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. The teaser has Claire investigating what looks to be a chemical-obsessed horror, while Leon is rescuing an unknown man.

Capcom’s Hiroyuki Kobayashi will produce and supervise the series. Veteran anime studio TMS Entertainment (the company that released Akira and Lupin the 3rd) will also produce. Quebico, whose leader Kei Miyamoto produced the Resident Evil: Vendetta movie, will handle the animation production.

This is clearly part of Capcom’s campaign to boost the Resident Evil franchise in time for its 25th anniversary. At the same time, it reflects Netflix’s ongoing fondness for game-based shows. The service is clearly betting that familiar names and premises will draw people in.