Nextdoor makes it easier to find free stuff your neighbors are giving away

You don't need an account to browse the 'Free Finds' section either.


The impact of COVID-19 brought out the best in many people, with kind-hearted folks offering to help neighbors with groceries and other errands. Some gave away items they no longer need or want, and many turned to Nextdoor to do that. The social networking service says it has seen an 80 percent rise in monthly listings for items that users are looking to buy, sell or give away. A quarter of items were listed as free.

To help you find items that people in your neighborhood are giving away without asking for anything in return, Nextdoor has opened a new section called Free Finds. You'll be able to look through the latest listings, browse the items that are closest to you and uncover hidden gems. You can also make requests for things you're seeking.

Nextdoor will let anyone browse the Free Finds section without first creating an account. If you see an item that grabs your attention, you can sign up to contact the neighbor who's giving it away.

Meanwhile, Nextdoor has rebranded the For Sale & Free section as Nextdoor Finds. The company says it has retooled the feature to make it a more tailored experience with personalized recommendations and categories.

The rebranding and the rollout of Free Finds could be an attempt from Nextdoor to fend off Facebook, which last month launched a Neighborhoods feature to connect people in communities. Facebook's Marketplace is also a popular way for people to buy and sell items locally.

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