Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost mobile RPG goes offline on November 30th

The company has been winding down the game since March.


Nintendo and Cygames have announced Dragalia Lost's exact end-of-service date: November 30th, at 1AM Eastern time. The companies started winding down the gacha fantasy RPG back in March and released its last major update by the end of that month. In July, they wrapped up the game's main story with the intention of shutting down its servers before the year ends. Players can expect more changes before November 30th comes around — in fact, Diamantium, the premium currency in Dragalia Lost, is no longer available for purchase as of August 30th.

The upgrade essentials and packs players can buy from the in-game shop using their Diamantium stash will no longer be available starting on October 31st at 2AM. If users still have in-game money left by that time, they could spend it on summoning, building facilities at the Halidom castle, recovering stamina and other gameplay-related purposes.

When the companies announced that they were shutting down the game, they didn't explain the reason behind their decision. This new announcement is no different. Dragalia Lost is Nintendo's first foray into mobile games and was released back in 2019. While it never quite achieved the popularity of games like Genshin Impact, it wasn't a flop either: Sensor Tower estimates put its earnings at over $140 million by the end of 2020. That said, Nintendo hasn't been exactly been putting a lot of energy into mobile gaming — its most recent title is Pikmin Bloom released in 2021 — and was resistant to the idea of making games for phones for the longest time. No matter what the reason is for Dragalia Lost's demise, anybody who tries to sign in after its servers shut down will only see an end-of-service notification on the screen.