Bloomberg: Nintendo is working on a 4K-capable Switch for 2021

And a slew of new games to go with it.

VCG via Getty Images

Sony and Microsoft have shown off the 4K-ready consoles they’ll deliver later this year with the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, but what is Nintendo working on? According to sources cited in a report by Bloomberg, while its convertible console tops the sales charts along with hit games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the company is planning to release an upgraded version next year.

The only word on what those upgrades may include is a note that it will support 4K graphics, but it may get a boost from new games. The other part of the report is that a “slew of games from Nintendo itself and related outside studios” could turn around this year’s relatively light release schedule.

A refreshed edition of the Switch with more battery life started shipping last year, while the Switch Lite ditched the original’s dock and removable Joy-Cons. The console is still based around a custom NVIDIA Tegra CPU and 4GB of RAM, so it will be interesting to see what might change to push those extra pixels.

With the Switch and Switch Lite consoles still hard to find in stores, releasing an upgraded version right now wouldn’t make sense, but by next year Nintendo might be right on time to catch gamers ready for a break from the ultra-realistic experiences of other consoles, as well as those who just want to do something other than pay off their loans from Tom Nook.