Nintendo Switch gets Bluetooth audio at last

The gaming giant has added Bluetooth audio support with the latest software update.


You can finally use wireless headphones and earbuds with the Nintendo Switch. The gaming giant has quietly announced on Twitter that it has rolled out a software update, which gives the Switch the ability to pair with Bluetooth devices for audio output. After updating, you'll now see a Bluetooth Audio section under Settings, as well as a new status indicator that shows whether a pair of headphones is connected.

The new feature only works with devices for audio output only, though, and doesn't support microphone input via Bluetooth. You can only pair your Switch with two controllers at once while using Bluetooth audio, so you'll have to disconnect your device if you want to get into wild eight-player battles with friends. And while up to 10 Bluetooth devices can be saved on the system, only one can connect to the console at any one time. In addition, you can't use wireless headphones or earphones when you play local wireless multiplayer games — Switch would automatically cut your connection.

Wireless audio has been conspicuously missing from the Switch since it first launched. Over the years, several third-party manufacturers released accessories that added support for wireless audio devices, while a previous update also added support for USB headphones. This update, however, will finally make it a lot easier to go wireless, considering it will allow you to connect the Bluetooth earphone you use with all your other gadgets.