Now the Nintendo Switch has a $2 Notes app

A low price to pay so that you can play 'Animal Crossing' in class.

Game Nacional

You may not be able to download Netflix on the Nintendo Switch, but what is basically the next best thing is now available on the console. Move iOS-like calculator app circa the Scott Forstall era, the Switch’s latest must-download app is a note taking tool. Spotted by Kotaku, the modestly named Notes app allows you to save reminders and to-dos on your Switch.

Switch notes app
Game Nacional

“This is a simple and useful (it works perfectly) notation book for you, gamer or not gamer, to take notes in an easy and quick way,” developer Adriano of Game Nacional writes of their work on the app’s eShop page. “It comes with an automatic saving tool too.” Handy that.

We will say there's something charming about Notes that's missing from its calculator counterpart. You can see it in the screenshots and the way the software transcribes your thoughts and daily life moments into a kind of child-like font. If you fancy what you see, we suggest you act fast. Thanks to a special introductory price, you can download Notes for $2 instead of the $10 it will go for normally.