Nreal's Light mixed reality glasses arrive in the US November 30th

Twenty Verizon stores nationwide will carry the device.

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Igor Bonifacic
November 18, 2021 9:00 AM
Nreal Light

After debuting in Korea last year, Nreal’s Light mixed reality glasses are finally making their way to the US. Starting on November 30th, 20 Verizon stores nationwide will begin selling the device, with online availability to follow on December 2nd. The carrier will sell the glasses for $599, and while you can use them with either an Android or iOS device, Nreal says you’ll get the best experience with a OnePlus 8 or recent Samsung Galaxy phone — both of which Verizon will happily sell you.

We got our first look at the Light mixed reality glasses at CES 2019. The primary focus of the device is on entertainment and productivity applications. Nreal's Nebula software allows you to access your phone's Android apps without taking the glasses off. You can also use them as makeshift VR glasses, but the 52-degree diagonal field of view is limited compared to a dedicated headset.  

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Nreal's Light mixed reality glasses arrive in the US November 30th